PPF Group can trace its origins back to 1996. The founders of the business identified a need within the logistics sector to enhance professionalism in the processes associated with driver resourcing. There was also a very strong sense that drivers should be treated with respect and empathy, something that the industry at this stage was not necessarily associated with.

The Directors of the business are long serving which has helped ensure that these values have been enshrined in the DNA of the business.

This emphasis on professionalism and driver respect helped the business grow and ADR Network soon became established as a strong regional player in the resourcing market.

The business has from the outset welcomed innovative thinking which has seen the business adopt leading edge industry IT systems and re-engineer resourcing solutions.

A careful eye on overhead cost has enabled the business to endure in a tough market place.

This mix of strong founding values, and operationally based culture and innovative thinking resulted in growth in turnover but also external recognition. ADR Network became the first organisation to receive back to back ‘Gold Awards’ (the award for the best recruitment business in the industry) in the Recruiter magazine annual awards.

The business has always been realistic about its capabilities and in 2005 decided to appoint an MD, Andrew Waldron, to drive the next stage of growth of the business. For a family run business appointing people from the outside showed a willingness to embrace change and welcome new ideas from larger organisations.

ADR Network continues to be the operational core of PPF Group and now operates from 26 sites across the UK.

PPF has not been afraid to face up to major challenges. The UK has an ageing and undersupplied LGV driver workforce. To combat this PPF Group established the LGV Training Network in 2012 and continues to lobby hard for action to address this shortage.