Environmental Policy

PPF Group will take environmental considerations into account in all its activities. Although ultimate responsibility rests with the Directors, all members of PPF Group have a part to play in minimising adverse effects on the environment. To that end PPF Group will promote the best use of environmental practices.

PPF Group will:

  • promote energy conservation at all of its branches
  • minimise waste and promote recycling
  • encourage ideas from staff to reduce the negative impact of the organisation on the environment
  • undertake carbon footprint audits at its Head Office
  • encourage supplies to take a proactive stance on the environment

Ethical Policy

At PPF Group we believe in ethical trading and whilst we are a commercial enterprise we have a set of fundamental principles that override profit considerations.

We will not tolerate any form of harassment in the workplace and will not send workers on assignment where we believe harassment or victimisation may occur.

We aim to create a healthy and safe work environment for each employee and endeavour to ensure that workers are not sent on assignments where conditions are unsafe or unhygienic

We aim to ensure that remuneration is appropriate, ensuring full transparency. Deductions from wages as a disciplinary measure are not permitted.

We respect the rights of employees and our workers to join legally recognised labour unions.

We provide employees and workers with equal opportunities regardless of their gender, age, marital status, sexual orientation, disability, race, religion or national origin.

All work assignments with PPF Group are freely chosen and workers will not be sent on assignments where they will not be treated with acceptable levels of respect and decency

Regular employment is provided for those who are employed on a permanent contract. Workers and contractors who undertake temporary assignments are fully informed about work regularity

Working hours are always in accordance with legislative restrictions and any additional hours are entirely voluntary. There is always absolute transparency on what a worker will be paid for any hours worked.

Corporate Social Responsibility

PPF Group has a responsibility to the communities that host its operations and to society in general. The business will attempt to add value to both society and the communities it serves through innovative, valuable and ideally ‘fun’ initiatives that enhance the experience of working for PPF Group.

Modern Slavery Statement

Download PPF's Modern Slavery Statement 2019-2020

Gender Pay Gap Report

Download PPF's Gender Pay Gap Report 2020
Download PPF's Gender Pay Gap Report 2019
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Historic statements

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