ADR Network Calls for Funding for Driver Training

The UK’s largest temporary LGV driver agency, ADR Network has called for a united approach to identify funding to help drivers when training for a Class 1 licence.

The UK continues to face a shortfall in the number of Class 1 drivers, with the driving population ageing.

ADR MD Andrew Waldron commented on the issues faced by the industry.

“Unless the industry can attract more people into the profession the UK economy could be seriously undermined. Something like 56%* of Large Goods Vehicle Drivers are now aged 45 or over, with little in the way of new recruits coming into the profession.”

Waldron feels that there is now an urgent need to find sources of funding to attract new drivers.

“Not only do we need a concerted campaign to attract young people into the industry we also need to find ways to help them with the costs of training. We are looking at ways of opening up finance to drivers but I think we need an industry wide scheme. Perhaps the Government should be looking at something similar to student grant schemes? The supply chain is critical to any hopes of economic growth and at present it is reasonable to argue that these issues are not attracting the attention they deserve.

In a nut shell; unless this shortage is addressed the UK economy will grind to a halt.”

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